Before Your Visit

Please fill out the contact form below and we’ll e-mail you your new patient paperwork prior to your visit.


 What to Expect

Every person responds to Acupuncture, Mayan Abdominal Massage and Herbs differently. Some people feel an immediate reaction, while others notice changes subtly over the following days and weeks. Your experience with these modalities will be unique to you! That being said the following are some general responses:

  • Sleepiness/relaxation

  • Clear headed/rejuvenated

  • Slight achiness around the points

  • Immediate relief from symptoms

It is important to remember that every body heals differently.

Your healing process may require multiple sessions over a given period of time. That’s ok! Healing deeply from within is rarely a miraculous overnight process (although this can happen). Be patient and gentle with yourself.

What to Bring/Wear

Please bring copies of any lab work done relating to your health concern and wear loose comfortable clothing to your visit.


We look forward to seeing you in our office