Autoimmune Recovery


Are you inflamed? In pain? Dealing with chronic health issues? Hyper/Hypothyroid?

Autoimmune disorders are a worldwide epidemic of disease, affecting nearly 50 million Americans. An autoimmune disorder is characterized by inflammation in the body, and the destruction of one’s cells by an imbalanced immune system. Unfortunately, our western allopathic medical model does not offer many long term solutions for treating autoimmune disorders at their source.

Integrative medicine provides root cause solutions, that allow people to heal and live a more full life. Many autoimmune patients have been told that they have no hope for treating autoimmune conditions beyond intensive medication. However, through diet, lifestyle, supplementation and targeted lab testing; we can help create real solutions to living a more full and symptom free lifestyle (often reducing or eliminating the need for medications).

I truly believe that the prevalence of  autoimmune disease is a product of our stressful modern lifestyles. Poor diet, high stress, adrenal burnout, and sedentary living have all contributed to the high inflammation that triggers the imbalance and ultimate hyper functioning of our immune systems.

I am here to help you find balance, ask deeper questions, and get to the root cause of your autoimmune symptoms



My Journey with Autoimmune Disease:

When I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid autoimmune condition called Grave’s disease; I used the tools of integrated medicine to heal my body naturally. I have been able to put the disease into remission through diet and lifestyle, without the use of medication or surgery. While western medical intervention is sometimes necessary, and appropriate;

I truly believe that there are many ways to achieve optimal health and wholeness. I am here to help you find your way. It is possible


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